Hi! my name is Daniela, I am an engineer in digital music production, currently living in Mexico City. 

With a solid passion for studio recording,  sound design and live audio, I  pursue the best sound in all my projects, big or small.  I have experience with Pro Tools HD, Cubase and Ableton; electronics, acoustics and music business are also my areas of interest. 



Recording Studio

Live sessions with jazz, flamenco, rock, and classical music bands, in the recording studios at  Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education CEM


Audio Post Production

Sound design for commercials, spots and shortfilms. 

( All audio and videos were provided by the instructor in charge and were used only for academic purposes ) 



Host and producer of Clandestino, radio program for the college radio dedicated to the urban and independent music culture, within an hour every week topics related to cinema, music, food and iconic places in Mexico City were covered


Editing & Mixing

Listen to some of the tracks I have mixed and recorded in the studio, more tracks on my Soundcloud channel.   

All tracks belong to their respective authors, editing and mixing was done for academic purposes only

Audio Post Production Projects


Shortfilm "Chispa"

 Sound design, foley editor, music
editor and mix
for an animated
college shortfilm


Texas BBQ Thickburger

Sound redesign, VO record, foley edition, music edition and mix for the Texas BBQ Thickburger  commercial by Carl's Jr and Hardee's 


Spot "El Pinacate y Gran desierto de Altar"

Audio edit and mix for the biosphere reserve spot by SEMARNAT 


Octavio Paz "El hombre y su tiempo"

Audio edit and mix for the
documentary film about Octavio Paz, made by Canal 22


Shortfilm "La foto"

Sound recording , sound design,
foley editor, foley artist, music editor, ADR, audio editor, recording
engineer and mixer
 for a suspense college shortfilm, recognized at the end of the semester with best sound prize 

Recording Studio

I participated in studio sessions with artists like Elohim Flamenco Jazz,  Desconecte “The sconek-t” and Mr. Rojo as well as individual voice, guitar and drums sessions. 

Check out the studios in the Sound:check magazine article: https://goo.gl/8xRj6q  

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